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Aquila 国家二级保护动物 本属包含11个种、15个亚种


Chinese name: 雕属

Scientific classification

Aquila is the Latin and Romance language word for eagle and may also refer to:

Genus: Aquila
Subfamily: Aquilinae
Family: Accipitridae
Order: Accipitriformes
中文属名: 雕属
中文亚科: 雕亚科
中文科名: 鹰科
中文目名: 鹰形目
Protected in China: Chinese Bird Second class protected species
鸟类百科采用世界鸟类学家联合会(IOC)最新最权威的鸟类分类方法,Version 3.5


  • L'Aquila, sometimes Aquila, the regional capital of Abruzzo in Italy
  • Province of L'Aquila, Italy
  • Aquila, Switzerland, former municipality in the canton of Ticino
  • Aquila, Michoacán, town in Mexico
  • Aquila, Veracruz, municipality in Mexico


Ancient and biblical

  • Aquila, half of Priscilla and Aquila, a New Testament couple who assisted Paul of Tarsus
  • Aquila of Sinope, second-century translator of the Old Testament
  • Aquila Romanus, a 3rd century Latin grammarian
  • Pontius Aquila, 1st century B.C. Roman tribune of the plebs

Medieval and renaissance

  • Caspar Aquila (1488-1560), German reformer
  • Nicholas de Aquila (died after 1220), English bishop
  • Peter of Aquila (died 1361), Italian theologian
  • Pietro Aquila (c. 1630-1692), Italian painter
  • Richard II of Aquila, 12th century Italo-Norman Count of Fondi
  • Serafino dell' Aquila (1466-1500), Italian poet


  • Aquila Emil, Papua New Guinean rugby league footballer
  • Frank Aquila, a Manitoba judge
  • Frank J. Aquila (born 1957), American lawyer
  • Samuel Joseph Aquila, Roman Catholic bishop


  • Aquila (constellation), the astronomical constellation The Eagle
  • Aquila (Chinese astronomy), a traditional constellation
  • Aquila (genus), a genus of birds including some eagles
  • Aquila (journal), an ornithological journal
  • Macroglossum aquila, a species of moth
  • Balanus aquila, a species of barnacle

Arts and entertainment


  • A book by Andrew Norriss
  • Aquila (children's magazine), a children's magazine


  • Aquila (TV series), a BBC TV production for children based on the Norriss book


  • A song in the video game Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. In supplemental materials, the official designation of the enemy Yellow Squadron is Aquila Squadron
  • Aquila Suite – 12 Arpeggio Concert Etudes for Solo Piano, a piano composition


  • There is an item in DotA and Dota 2 called "Ring of Aquila"
  • A game server in the MMORPG MapleStory
  • Captain Crowe Almedio's ship in the video game Star Ocean: The Last Hope
  • Symbol of the Imperium (Warhammer 40,000) in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe
    • Aquila pattern power armour is the most commonly used type of power armour in the Space Marines inventory
    • The Aquila Lander is a light shuttle used by the Imperial Navy
  • A ship available to the player character in Assassin's Creed III.


  • Aquila Theatre, a theatre company currently of New York


Maritime vessels

  • USS Aquila (AK-47), an Aquila-class cargo ship commissioned by the U.S. Navy for service in World War II
  • USS Aquila (PHM-4), a hydrofoil formerly operated by the U.S. Navy
  • Italian aircraft carrier Aquila, a World War II Italian aircraft carrier


  • The Lockheed MQM-105 Aquila, the U.S. Army's first battlefield reconnaissance drone
  • Bristol Aquila, an aircraft engine
  • Angus Aquila, a British aircraft
  • Aquila AT01, a lightweight training aircraft built in Germany
  • Aquila A 210, a German aircraft


  • Aquila Airways, a British flying boat operator (1948–1958)
  • Aquila, Inc., a former electric and gas utility in Kansas City, Missouri, United States
  • Aquila Italiana, Italian car manufacturer or brand
  • Aquila Capital, an independent investment firm in Hamburg, Germany
  • Aquila racing cars, a Danish firm


  • Aquila (Roman), a Roman military standard
  • Aquila Court Building of Omaha, Nebraska
  • Aquila Private Game Reserve, South Africa
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of L'Aquila, a Roman Catholic archdiocese
  • Hyosung Aquila, a series of cruiser motorcycles made by Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc.

See also

  • Aquilla (disambiguation)
  • Aguila (disambiguation)
  • Aquilinus (disambiguation)
  • Aquileia, an ancient Roman city in Italy
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