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Perdix 该鸟种在中国有分布 本属包含3个种、13个亚种


Chinese name: 山鹑属

Scientific classification

For other uses, see Perdix (disambiguation).

Perdix is a genus of partridges with representatives in most of temperate Europe and Asia. One member of the genus, the Grey Partridge, has been introduced to the United States and Canada.

Genus: Perdix
Family: Phasianidae
Order: Galliformes
中文属名: 山鹑属
中文科名: 雉科
中文目名: 鸡形目
Birds of China: Chinese Bird
鸟类百科采用世界鸟类学家联合会(IOC)最新最权威的鸟类分类方法,Version 3.5


These are non-migratory birds of open country. The nest is a lined ground scrape in or near cover. They feed on a wide variety of seeds and some insect food.

These are medium-sized partridges with dull-coloured bills and legs, streaked brown upperparts, and rufous tails and flanks barring. Neither sex has spurs on the legs, and the only plumage distinction is that females tend to be duller in appearance.

Grey and Daurian Partridges are very closely related and similar in appearance, and form a superspecies. Tibetan Partridge has a striking black and white face pattern, black breast barring and 16 tail feathers instead of the 18 of the other species.

None of the species is threatened on a global scale, but the two more widespread partridges are over-hunted in parts of their range. The Grey Partridge has been badly affected by agricultural changes, and its range has contracted considerably.

The Tibetan Partridge seems secure in its extensive and often inaccessible range on the Tibetan plateau.

The bird shares its name with the nephew of Daedalus of Greek mythology, who was transformed into the bird when his uncle murdered him in jealousy.


  • Grey Partridge, Perdix perdix
    • Italian Grey Partridge, Perdix perdix italica - extinct (c.1990); validity doubtful
  • Daurian Partridge, Perdix dauurica
  • Tibetan Partridge, Perdix hodgsoniae

A prehistoric species only known from fossils was described as Perdix palaeoperdix. Occurring all over southern Europe during the Early - Late Pleistocene, it was a favorite food of the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals. The relationships between the prehistoric species and the Grey Partridge are somewhat obscure; while very similar, they might be better understood as sister species rather than the Grey Partridge evolving from the Pleistocene taxon.


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