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Siberian Rubythroat 该鸟种在中国有分布


Scientific name: Luscinia calliope

Chinese name: 红喉歌鸲

Scientific classification

Siberian Rubythroat

The Siberian Rubythroat (Luscinia calliope) is a small passerine bird that was formerly classed as a member of the thrush family Turdidae, but is now more generally considered to be an Old World flycatcher, Muscicapidae. It, and similar small European species, are often called chats.

Species: Luscinia calliope
Genus: Luscinia
Family: Muscicapidae
Suborder: Passerii
Order: Passeriformes
English: Siberian Rubythroat
中文学名: 红喉歌鸲
中文属名: 歌鸲属
中文科名: 鹟科
中文亚目: 鸣禽亚目
中文目名: 雀形目
Birds of China: Chinese Bird
IUCN Red List: IUCN Red List
鸟类百科采用世界鸟类学家联合会(IOC)最新最权威的鸟类分类方法,Version 3.5


It is a migratory insectivorous species breeding in mixed coniferous forest with undergrowth in Siberia. It nests near the ground. It winters in India and Indonesia. It is an extremely rare vagrant to Western Europe, having occurred on a very few occasions as far west as Britain.

The Siberian Rubythroat is slightly larger than the European Robin. It is plain brown above except for the distinctive black tail with red side patches. It has a strong white supercilium.

Siberian Rubythroat

The male has a red throat edged with a narrow black and then a broad white border. It has a strong white supercilium. Females lack the brightly coloured throat and borders.

The male has a song like a harder version of the Garden Warbler.

Siberian Rubythroat
Male, (Nalban Wetland)


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